Christian Aid: Drop the debt in Sierra Leone

Many of us in previous years were involved in ‘Drop the debt’ activities as we campaigned for unmanageable debts to be written off in poor countries. ‘Jubilee Debt’ are now ‘Debt Justice’ and they are campaigning on behalf of Sierra Leone. Debt Justice identifies Sierra Leone as one of the countries forced to divert resources from public spending to debt payments. It says the country’s high debt burden was created during the Ebola crisis in 2014 and 2015 but increased as a result of the pandemic. Abu Bakarr Kamara, the coordinator at the Budget Advocacy Network in Sierra Leone said: “With Ebola and Covid-19, Sierra Leone has faced two major health crises in recent years, which have collapsed the health sector and the economy. Yet debt payments are taking away resources that are vital for recovery. Cancelling Sierra Leone’s debt is one vital tool to help the government increase its fiscal space to invest in the health sector in a transparent and accountable way”. Please pray for this important work and for our friends in Sierra Leone.

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