Kings Langley A farmer in South Africa, his business devastated by drought.

Christian Aid prayer and action:

COP 26 and making it personal

There have been many stories from around the world during the COP 26 Conference featuring those who will be most affected by the increase of temperatures. One particularly caught my eye on the BBC news this week about a farmer in South Africa with his business devastated by drought. Without any rain for a long time, some of his cattle had been reduced to skeletons and others barely alive, just skin and bones. It put a name and a face to the statistics that have been much in evidence during the conference. Please pray for him, and many millions like him, that the promises made will be kept and that long lasting progress will be made to avert the damage that climate change can bring. Please also pray for Christian Aid as it helps farmers and others to adjust to the impact that this is having to their business and livelihoods right now.