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QuizNormally, the good people of Kings Langley would be planning to join our "village quiz", which we hold at the start of each year at the Services Club. Many different community groups enter a team of six and battle it out to achieve the highest score. We thought about trying it on Zoom this year but without the friendly banter (plus supper and licensed bar, of course) it wouldn't have been the same. So we need the make up the shortfall. Please donate what you can.

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Overseas aid cut to increase defence spending

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday touted the biggest investment in the U.K.’s armed forces since the end of the Cold War three decades ago but brushed aside concerns that his government is about to abandon pledges on overseas aid spending in order to pay for it. KL Christian Aid Chair Paul Tucker wrote to our MP, Sir Mike Penning:

Mike Penning

Dear Mike,

Rumours abound that the long cherished and enshrined in law commitment to spending 0.7% of GDP on International Aid will be reduced to 0.5% as part of the spending review on Monday. This is likely to amount to £4 billion. These are difficult times I know, but the poor and vulnerable in our world need our protection and other Government’s look to us to give a lead and often follow this. A poorer world does no one any good often increasing unrest and feeds into the illegal migration economy.

 It is not too late to make a representation to the Chancellor on this (he has after all changed his mind on other things!) and I would ask you to do so.  I would also ask that you urge the Foreign Office, which now has aid under its wings, to maintain its commitment to using aid for the benefit of the poor and where it is needed most.

Thank you for your help.

Paul Tucker

Chair, Christian Aid in Kings Langley

KL School raises funds for AIDS relief in Kenya

KL Shcool

Congratulations to the students in year 12 at Kings Langley School, for raising £222.51 for Christian Aid’s Kenya HIV project in 2020. They had some imaginative fund raising ideas including: ‘wear something red’ (Christian Aid’s colour) and a bake sale. This is particularly impressive as their efforts were disturbed by the pandemic. Thanks go to them and to All Saints and the Methodist Churches in Kings Langley who supported this. The really good news is that this was match funded  by USA Aid, 1:20 meaning that a magnificent total of £4,450.20 was raised. This will go to Christian Aid’s work amongst Kenya’s children affected by HIV and give them very real hope.