Here in Kings Langley the churches work closely together and we want to introduce you to some of our activities and church services. By reading the individual church profiles you may well feel drawn to one or other of our church communities. We also arrange united services on a regular basis and actively support each other's special events. You'll certainly be made welcome at any or all of them!


Christian Aid Week   10th- 17th May

This is the most important in the Christian Aid Year.   Not only does it generate between a half and a third of our annual fundraising, it enables the churches to witness publicly to their concern for the world’s poor and disadvantaged and to uphold the cause of justice and peace.   The theme this year is: “Help to heal the scars of war”.

As always, the top priority is to recruit collectors in the hope of covering most of the roads in Kings Langley.  The response so far has been encouraging but there are several roads where we have not been able to work for  some years.  If you can help to fill a gap, please send us an email.

The week begins, as it has done for nearly forty years, with a plant and produce stall in the High Street on the morning of 10th May.  We need quantities of plants, seedlings, bottles of preserves, cakes and bric-a-brac, preferably brought in on the morning.

The annual united service follows on Sunday 11th May at Christ Church at 10.30.    The visiting speaker is to be Andy Clasper, Christian Aid’s Head of Church and Community Relations.

The week ends with a coffee morning, also at Christ Church, between 10 and 12 on Saturday, 17th May.

With your help, we can contribute to healing the scars of war and violence.

Harold Taylor

The April Campaign Update is available for download

The Christian Aid Annual Report for 2013 is ready for download.