Dear Friends

If you visit the Churches Together in Kings Langley website, you will notice that the ministers of the three churches in the village, are now taking their turn to contribute a short letter on the Home page of the website. The lot has fallen to me for the month of February!

If you visit another website, that of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
(www.ctbi.org.uk),  you will notice a very wide range of issues on which they focus. Refugees, racial justice, Credit Unions, poverty, students, the Holocaust, inter faith, social media, the environment, Christian unity, prayer - these are just some of the themes and concerns that are addressed. All these topics are there as resources for local Churches Together bodies. They also remind us, that though we represent different traditions and denominations of the Christian Church, we share the same calling and concern to make known the Good News of Jesus Christ and to work together for the good of all people.

There is of course another reason for the churches to be concerned about these and many other issues and that is that there is no area of life that is not the concern of the Gospel. The incarnation, the coming of Jesus into the world, is about God identifying with the human condition in all its joys and sorrows, seeking to renew and give hope to the life of the world. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we have been called to play our part in continuing the work of the world’s renewal, offering light and hope in a world where there is much despair and darkness.

May we, the churches of Kings Langley, seek to play our part, no matter how small, in bringing light and hope wherever we can, and for us that begins right here in Kings Langley.

The Revd Canon David Lawson
Team Rector of the Benefice of Langelei
in charge of All Saints’ Church (C of E)

Christian Aid Prayers:

26th February: Fairtrade Fortnight

Give thanks for Fairtrade Fortnight, which takes place next week and for the difference it has made to the lives of millions around the world. Give thanks for the thousands of Fairtrade products now available thanks to the campaigning power of consumers like you and me. Give thanks for the hope that the Fairtrade Foundation inspires that we can all make a difference in the world. Pray also for those farmers and workers who are still not receiving a fair deal around the world. Continue to pray for Fairtrade to be the norm and not the exception.

Read the February 2017 Campaign Update from our Christian Aid Committee.

The Kings Langley Christian Aid Annual Report for 2016 is available for download.