In a world where we are able to communicate at the press of a button, and surveys of well-being repeatedly indicate that loneliness is a huge problem in our society, especially amongst the elderly, we at Kings Langley Methodist Church have taken that on board as we try to determine, how best to serve God and this community with our resources. Most people find singing hugely uplifting and the words of hymns remind us that throughout the ages humankind have had their challenges, joys and sorrows, which they have expressed in the poetry of hymns. When we look at the stories of Jesus’ interaction with people in the Bible, he sought to heal, restore and return them to community. At Kings Langley Methodist Church we have a Songs of Praise service on the last Sunday of each month (occasionally it needs to change depending on the church calendar). Here we invite people to choose hymns and to share their choice, if they want to. We have over the last few months looked at hymns from childhood, hymns that we find comfort in when we are sad or sing when we want to celebrate. Sometimes people give the history of the particular hymn. At the end of the time of singing and sharing (about an hour), we have cakes and biscuits, cups of tea and coffee and most importantly conversation!

UK Statistics reveal that not only is loneliness a problem across the broad spectrum of society, it is worse for the elderly and Sunday afternoons are the most difficult time. Our Songs of Praise services are advertised around the village, if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact in the first instance Celia Green on 01923 266911 (email d.green061@btinternet.com) or the minister on 01442 243553, (details on the website). We would be very pleased to see you and can promise an enjoyable afternoon of singing, sharing and food. Our next Songs of Praise is on Sunday 28th August at 3.00 pm. In the meantime enjoy the blessings of summer, stay safe and marvel in the promise of each day.


With every blessing,

Revd Vindra Maraj-Ogden
Kings Langley Methodist Church

Christian Aid Prayers:

Monsoon Season

Please pray for people in Pakistan, who often suffer from monsoon floods at this time of year. Pray for the protection of people’s homes and livelihoods. Lift to God CA partner Community World Service Asia, which helps communities to prepare for and recover from disasters, including floods. Pray also for Muslim Hands, which CA partner with during emergencies to help meet the need for shelter and temporary accommodation after disasters.
Father God, we lift to you all for whom the monsoon season causes pain, trouble or hardship. Bless Pakistan, that it may be resilient and fruitful. Amen.

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